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image for 2 sec.]

Hi, I'm Mr. Stephenson !

Welcome to my first wiki.
This wiki will be a sandbox to try out ideas for my Main Page wiki,
on which I plan to migrate (organizing as I go) much of what's currently on:

I tried changing the domain name of this wiki from sks23cu to sks23cu-sandbox, and it worked as far as changing the URL, but the old sks23cu is also redirected to it. There's something about not changing domain names more than once every 30 days that slowing my name changing down. I want sks23cu to go to Main Page, ultimately.

The logo for this page was obtained on Google Images. It had a white background that I changed using imaging software to the background of the border of this wiki theme, which I found from Manage Wiki / Look and Feel to be cde5d5 = Red cd = 12*16+13, Green e5 = 14*16+5, Blue d5 = 13*16+5.

See my Pythagorean Theorem proof on the GeoGebra wiki here. First install java and GeoGebra, clicking on GeoGebra WebStart button.
Also, you may have to save the Pythagorean Theorem proof file to your desktop and open it from there.

Notice that there are no ads along the right because this is a special educational plan wiki.

Steve, I love the picture! What a great idea. I think this will be useful for students. Have fun! Elaine McGeown.

Wow Steve, I am totally impressed! This is looking GOOD!!! 1960 Steve is looking good, too! The other Elaine !

Here's the html code for the picture:
<img style="border: 1px solid ; width: 79px; height: 83px;"
title="Mr. Stephenson: 2001 &amp; 1960"
hspace="2" vspace="2">

I created two users sks23cu_pupil-1 and sks23cu_pupil-2 using Manage Wiki / User Creator, then signed on as one and added the following to this wiki:
  • Hi, Mr. Stephenson! I can't wait to screw up your unprotected wiki pages! Ha-ha! ;-) -Ima Student

I've found out that these wiki created users can only send and receive wiki email, not to/from outside email. This could be perfect for students at LHS.